Pioneer Wireless, Inc. dba Pioneer Broadband ("Pioneer Broadband") seeks to interconnect its IP network with other service providers on a settlement-free basis when such interconnection provides tangible benefits to Pioneer Broadband and its customers.

For purposes of this SFI policy, an Internet Network must be a single Autonomous System (“ASN”).

IPv4 and IPv6 Settlement-Free Interconnection Requirements for Pioneer Broadband AS29979

  • Peer must operate an IP backbone in at least the state of Maine and be a member of the Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange at Flagstaff Road, Orono, Maine.

  • A network (ASN) that is a customer of a Pioneer Broadband network for any dedicated IP services may not simultaneously be a settlement-free network peer.
  • Peer must have a 24x7 phone and email contact, and agree to repair or otherwise remedy any problems within a reasonable timeframe. Applicant must also agree to actively cooperate to resolve security incidents, denial of service attacks, and other operational problems.

  • Peer must maintain responsive abuse contacts for reporting and dealing with UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email), technical contact information for capacity planning and provisioning and administrative contacts for all legal notices.

  • Peer must abide by the following routing policy:

    • No transit or third party routes are to be announced; all routes exchanged must be Peers's and Peer's customers' routes.

    • Applicant must filter route announcements from their customers by prefix.

    • Neither party shall abuse the SFI network peering relationship by engaging in activities such as, but not limited to: pointing a default route at the other or otherwise forwarding traffic for destinations not explicitly advertised, resetting next-hop, selling or giving next-hop to others.

  • Applicant shall not be permitted to offer or sell any IP transit services providing only AS29979.

  • Pioneer Broadband may discontinue peering at any time.


Effective date: November 2019